About the estate

When you’re looking to buy a home of your own, you want it to be special. Unique. You.

Look no further. Around the landscaped parks of Fourleaf Estate, you are sure to find a home with one-of-a-kind appeal. A home designed and built to be different.

A home that features the quality of finishes you would not usually find in this price range. Because, like its namesake, Fourleaf Estate is the exception to the norm.

Fourleaf Estate is another unique estate by Similan Properties, the award-winning developers that redefined the concept of affordable housing in South Africa.

So rare and elusive is the four-leaf clover, that even scientists have not been able to find the exact DNA genes that make up this unusual plant formation.

At Fourleaf Estate, though, the developers have a deep understanding of the “DNA” that shapes a successful, happy, residential development.

This includes security, a modern and innovative approach to landscaping including themed parks and community veggie gardens, advanced green initiatives, super internet connectivity, and of course the houses with their modern, clean designs and flexible add-on options.

Legend has given a different quality to each of the four leaves of a clover: faith, hope, love and luck. At Fourleaf Estate you can look forward to seeing these elements come to life in the parks, the surroundings, and ultimately the community that will call this “home”. After all, these are the building blocks – the “DNA” – of healthy and happy communities.

You have a one in 10 000 chance of finding a four-leaf clover. At Fourleaf Estate you have a one in 323 chance of finding your dream home. But you’ll have to be very quick: as a security estate in PE, these unique homes will sell fast!

Pick your unique home today.

A Greener Community

Born and bred into the DNA of Fourleaf Estate is our commitment to conserving the natural environment. As custodians of the earth for future generations, we’re rather passionate about playing an active part in preserving our planet.


For this reason, recycling comes as second nature to us. We do expect every resident at Fourleaf Estate to contribute to recycling. No exception. Each house will receive two bins: one for recycling and one for wet waste. Recycling will be collected every week.

Each of the four parks will have recycling bins, and signs throughout the estate will remind our residents and their visitors of the value of recycling.

Get back to nature

The estate is fortunate enough to border a natural wetlands area, called Parsons Vlei. Our goal as developers (with the help of the community and current initiatives) is to restore the vlei to a pristine condition, so that it will once again become a haven for rich birdlife and home to small wild critters. It will be a wonderful natural asset for our Fourleaf community to enjoy via gates that will lead from the estate to the vlei as well as walkways and benches to enhance those quiet moments.

Got green fingers?

We would like to encourage all our residents to start their own vegetable gardens and to participate in the community veggie gardens that we will lay out near some of the parks.

Greener house design

Our brief to the architects was clear: design attractive, cost-effect homes that comply with energy efficiency regulations and that are comfortable throughout the year. The beautiful results are a pleasure to live in – cool in summer, warm in winter, with solar geysers to save every household’s electricity cost and contribute to the conservation of the earth’s natural fuel resources.

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