The Developers

A great lifestyle opportunity. Brought to you by the team that redefined affordable housing. As property developers, we at Similan Properties live by our credo of “enabling new generations of proud homeowners”.

In achieving this ideal, we contribute towards righting the wrongs of the past, particularly to redress previous inequalities of property ownership and education.

It was during the planning of Selcourt Estate in Springs that we coined the phrase “Affordable Luxury”. Here, as well as at our award-winning Karino Lifestyle Estate and its neighbour, the equally successful Summer Rain Private Estate), we have proven that affordable need not look cheap.

Each of these developments has been a learning experience for us, and each time we undertake a new phase or develop an estate, we refine our offering: we plan better, we design smarter, we build using the most suitable, energy saving materials, we create homes that people will love to live in.

To date, we have created opportunities for close on 1 000 families to own a new home they can be proud of.

We believe that enabling people to own a home is creating wealth – in more ways than one. More than a decent roof over the head, owning a home in one of our estates has far-reaching effects. It empowers families, in time, to create opportunities for their children: being able to loan money against the bond to send children to university, or to start their own businesses. Such an investment unlocks many opportunities that would have been unattainable otherwise.


The team that conceived, designed and developed the award-winning Karino Lifestyle Estate, Summer Rain Private Estate and Selcourt Estate has done it again – with Fourleaf Estate.

This professional team’s joint competencies, their broad-ranging experience and deep understanding of projects of this calibre, have set the tone for the success of the three developments.

Our head Similanian – passionate about people and property


haroldspiesForever exploring different lifestyles and living conditions and finding inspiration in distant cultures (even as far as the Similan Islands off Phuket) our CEO Harold Spies has travelled to many places around the world.

More to the point, he has seen how one’s surroundings and the place you call home can influence happiness, self-respect and success.

Harold is a man of many abilities. And contrasts. Being the owner and operator of an adventure tour company based in London is a far cry from the civilised pursuit of construction management, a field in which he qualified in 2002 with a BSc Honours in Construction Economics from the University of Pretoria.

After a stint in South America, he joined a property development company in Johannesburg in 2006, and later in Cape Town, until August 2010.

He topped his Honours degree with an MBA (Cum Laude) from Stellenbosch, which he worked at from 2008 to 2010.

Driven by an ideal to make a difference in people’s lives through the places they call home, he started Similan in November 2010.

Today, the intrepid adventurer has settled down a bit (happily married, with three children, in Stellenbosch), but he is boldly taking real estate into unchartered territory – simplifying and demystifying the way property is dealt with in South Africa.

His passion for people and places is unstoppable. He travels often, always exploring and learning.